Balls Gate is a system of truth led by the Four Holy Balls Witnesses as revealed during the Balls Revelation in the Book of Balls. This truth is that beyond humanity are the Balls Deities. They are here to protect us, guide us, and show us the ways of balls. We channel their energy every day even just through breathing.


In the Balls Revelation it was revealed that in order to maintain a perfect balance of harmony in life, you must realize a certain set of truths:


                       1. Time is spherical and balls

                       2.  We the people have to form a

                           more perfect balls union



The Balls Deities revealed themselves to the four holy witnesses in order to show them that they are only vessels of the Balls Deities through which they work. This created what we know today as Balls Gate. The Four Holy Balls Witnesses have since made it their mission to spread balls joy.